Welcome to Villa BXV.

Villa BXV

Bronxville’s Newest Edition: Villa BXV

Not only is Barhite and Holzinger your top Bronxville Realtors, we are also now your number one source for Villa BXV as the selected property management.

Welcome to Villa BXV.

Welcome to the new condo complex in Bronxville, Villa BXV.

Villa BXV is the new condominium that will be making headlines in Bronxville. For years this area has been demanding a new property like this. As it combines luxury, parking and walk-to-train concept all into one complex. And as many of our clientele knows, this is always difficult to find in one complex in the village we love.

Already the complex has sold 67 percent of its units, including the four million dollar penthouse. With only 33 percent remaining it seems that anyone who may be interested in Villa BXV reach out now. Or wait until an occupant decides to put it on the market. However, with the luxury amenities it has to offer, it will be very hard to leave…Especially after they learn about the charm of the village of Bronxville and all of its hidden gems.

Villa BXV Amenities

Villa BXV is a cross design between the village’s architectural traditions of Mediterraneans styles. It will feature state of the art fitness area, grand courtyard, outdoor bar, fireplace, large television, couches and zen atmosphere. It will make you feel like you are the in the center of one New York City’s trendiest hotel rooftop. With elite access of course.

There will be 24/7 concierge services. Occupants can pick up and go without have to worry about deliveries or home maintenance. And of course, the walk to train concept would not be complete without its direct access to the north-bound side of Bronxville’s Metro North Station. Which is all Bronxville home seekers can ask for when they are searching the market. It seems that this new complex has answered all of our clients prayers!

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