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Best Bronxville Realtors: Barhite and Holzinger

Welcome to your favorite source of the Best Bronxville Realtors. Not only do we provide our clients top-notch customer service skills, we are educated in the industry. Our real estate sales team has both tech-savy and experience entities to it.

Best Bronxville Realtors!The first question customers ask our Bronxville Realtors is why should they just our us over a mainstream real estate company. Well, the answer is the most obvious. We are a boutique company with a specific niche in the lower Westchester area. And of course, our deep rooted history in the area.

Since 1969 when Barhite and Holzinger movied from Manhattan to New York we have been servicing most of the co-op and condo properties in the area. Our real estate team has helped a majority of our clients sell their apartment. For others, we have helped them move onto the next stage in life, which is buying a single family home.

 Best Bronxville Realtors: Helping you Buy and Sell

Since our Top Bronxville Realtors are from the area, they can give an accurate idea to new clients what it is like to live here. In order to really know a town you have to be synced into the community. Try the different restaurants. Shop at the super markets.

“Working and living in the Bronxville area has helped me tremendously with clients who are moving from places like Manhattan,” says Ashley Caputo, a licensed real estate sales person. She believes that her familiarity with the Metro North, town halls and community activity gives her clients a clear understanding of life in Bronxville.

Buying in Bronxville can be competitive. Although there area few co-op buildings like Midland Gardens, it is not very often that they come on the market. Since Barhite and Holzinger is the property manager here we get first hand information on new listings. We also know the buildings very well, with direct access to the managers.

Our database is extensive due to our time in the area and amount of properties we manage. Selling your home can be more efficient if you have these types of ties to the community. For more information on buying or selling in the area, please contact the Best Bronxville Realtors at

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